Weekly Roundtable

NewsCut was represented on today’s Friday Roundtable on MPR’s Daily Circuit. We didn’t get around to talking about what I thought was the most undercovered story of the week (I’ll leave it to the loyal NewsCut readers to guess what it is), but we still managed to say everything there was to say about the so-called “Shoot first” bill that is heading to the desk of Gov. Mark Dayton.


(h/t: Emily Kaiser)

The answer to the “most undercovered story” of the week, by the way, is the Supreme Court arguments on the question of whether First Amendment protections should be removed from false statements about military honors.

On that front today, the Supreme Court released the audio of the arguments:

  • Alison

    I certainly heard about the 1st Amendment case, but I stick mostly to MPR/NPR. I can’t imagine they’re going to let the law stand. It seems pretty clear cut to me. But what do I know?