Twitter radio?

There are still far too many people who think Twitter is all about telling people what you had for breakfast, but an Argentine firm has it right: Twitter is a broadcast medium.

The firm has released an Android app (take that, iPhoners!) for Social Radio for Twitter, which makes programming based on the music on your device and the tweets in your timeline.

Ad Freak reports:

You can filter your Twitter stream via hashtags, lists, trending topics and such, and choose the interval to check for tweets (music fills the empty spaces). This might appeal to folks who feel they need to be connected while driving (keep your hands on the wheel!) or jogging (watch out for that tree!). Still, I wonder: Isn’t postmodern existence noisy enough? Do we really want to jam our brains with more information, saturate our nervous systems with nonstop streams of multimedia input?

Yes, as a matter of fact, we do. Twitter is increasingly becoming the “as it happens” medium upon which radio itself prospered for years when it sold itself as a source for immediate information, while recognize you’d go somewhere else, later, for details.

As Twitter continues to evolve, it continues to shine as the premier source of information, minutes or hours before traditional (or even “new”) media.

  • Aaron

    I don’t pay for cable at home so I do not have any channels on my TV. With my twitter account I was able to follow SOTU address by the President, follow the superbowl and other events that I know alot of people will be tweeting about.

  • Josh

    Couldn’t you watch the SOTU and the Super Bowl on network TV with an antenna?