Tribute to a storm chaser

Andy Gabrielson of Luverne, Minn., was killed by a wrong-way driver in Oklahoma. Gabrielson, a “storm chaser,” was on his way home from a chase in Texas yesterday when he died near Tulsa.

He saw his first tornado when he was 6 near his home, and he said he was fascinated by them ever since.

The storm chasing community paid tribute to him by “lighting up” their GPS tracking systems in his honor…

Here’s an interview with him, and some of the video for which he won an Emmy.

  • Jim Shapiro

    While the senseless loss of Mr.Gabrielson is of course tragic , I would guess that if a storm chaser had his choice, he wouldn’t opt to depart of old age in bed.

    I hope his exit from this mortal coil was for a brief moment as exciting as his too brief life must have been.

    He sounds just like a war correspondent. Smart, courageous, crazy and compassionate. 🙂