Super Bowl spoilers (continued)

Let’s continue spoiling the Super Bowl for people who watch it for the commercials.

More companies are releasing the “extended” versions of their Super Bowl ads. Today, it’s Kia, because nothing says “buy a new car” like Motley Crew and women in bikinis.

GE goes all squishy with a tribute to people who build turbines in upstate New York.

Samsung makes fun of Apple fans…

How many of these will people actually remember? Here are last year’s. You tell me:

  • John P.

    //Motley Crew and women in bikinis

    It’s about as truthful and informative as your average auto ad.

  • Jim Shapiro

    John P. – Au contraire. It’s all true except for the Motley Crew part. A genuinely cool guy has better taste in music. 🙂

  • Jamie

    There was a lot of stupid-ness, sexism, and gratuitous violence in what I’ve seen of last year’s ads, with a couple of shining examples of excellence. What I’ve seen of this year’s offerings don’t seem very different so far.