The Quiz: Bears, dead dolphins, Clint Eastwood, and bowling


Bears, dolphins, Clint Eastwood, bowling, and hidden cameras. If that doesn’t scream “busy news week,” nothing does.

Here are 15 questions based on posts on NewsCut this week as well as other stories in the news on Minnesota Public Radio. Give it your best shot. We’re all counting on you.

  • andy

    Argh! 10 out of 15. I totally fell apart at the end. Thanks for bringing The Quiz back Bob! A nice way to coast into the weekend.

  • bri-bri

    If “Rory Dinklestiff” is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

  • BJ

    Best Zydeco album

  • milojo

    13 out of 15…must not have been too busy at work this week.

  • JackU

    14 out of 15 – Missed the SuperValu question.

  • acb

    A Syrian city is misspelled: Homs, (with an ‘m’, not an ‘r n’).

  • vjacobsen

    9. That’s sad.

    And SIX dead dolphins? My goodness!

  • Cara

    Grrrph: only 9 of 15. I’m out of practice. Thanks for putting out another quiz, Bob. I believe I pay more attention when there’s a potential question at the end of the week.

  • Jamie

    12 of 15 – but there were a couple trick questions in there. Or rather a couple trick HINTS.

    I like the quiz. Thanks for doing it — it must make extra work for you, which kinda sucks on a Friday.

  • kennedy

    Yay, a quiz! 10 of 15

    I thought “Handl” was a trick question for “Handel” and answered “None of the above”. I should have known that News Cut doesn’t play tricks.

  • Jim G

    13 out of 15. Welcome back Quizman!

  • Jim G

    13 out of 15. Welcome back Quizman!

  • Bonnie

    My personal best, at 12.

    Missed the dolphins name, Clint Eastwood commercial and, hmmm, I already forgot.


  • kay smith

    One of my best. Maybe I’m getting better at guessing.