Pride of the Super Bowl losers


This question comes up after every Super Bowl so let’s get it out of the way early. What happens to the pre-printed T-shirts and caps of the team that doesn’t win? They end up overseas — in disaster zones or impoverished areas.

The NFL, for example, donates the items to World Vision ( so do the hockey, baseball, and basketball leagues).

But, Mental Floss notes, they can’t stay in this country:

Of course, there are people right here in the U.S. who desperately need a fresh, clean t-shirt or jacket. Why not give it to them? Overseas distribution is part of the agreement between the leagues and World Vision. The leagues don’t want the donated items appearing on TV or popping up on eBay, so they get them out of the country. The farther away the clothing is, the less likely it is to offend a losing player (or heartbroken Texas Rangers fan).