Nothing screams ‘success’ like a burning wreck


Is there anything better for your company than having your vehicle burn on national TV? It’s was all about branding last night at Daytona, The Social Customer blog notes.

Often times misfortune is followed by opportunity. As the ServiceMaster truck sat on the side of the road burning from the rear, it garnered a LOT of attention. All eyeballs were on the fire, the cleanup and the beautiful ServiceMaster logos on both the side and hood of the truck. The side of the truck was dented yet you could still see the logo. The logo on the hood looked 100% intact.

So as millions watched them clean the track millions also were reminded of the strong, reliable ServiceMaster brand. The yellow color combined with the strong stature of the truck appeared quite bright and bold. It was a positive brand image. I can guarantee many will wake up in the morning with the image of Dave Blaney’s spinning car, the yellow truck and of course the ServiceMaster logo in their head.

Tide was able to catch some of the action as well since the clean-up team was using Tide to clean up the fuel spill. There were tens of boxes of Tide lined up on the track.

(h/t: Kyle Thill)

  • Tyler

    What, nothing about the tens of logos on the side of the car that went up in flames?

  • Jeff

    What is ServiceMaster and why will seeing their name on a burning truck get me to buy/use their product? We are barraged with product names every day. Why does someone think that just because we see ServiceMaster next to a fire (what I think most people were looking at) that we’ll remember the name and then buy their product? Did people talk about the burning ServiceMaster truck the next day or just the burning truck? If people weren’t using the ServiceMaster name when talking about the event later, I suggest that ServiceMaster got nothing out of the fire.