How others see us: The caucus vote

The Guardian website/newspaper in the UK apparently sent a team to Minnesota to find out how Minnesotans made up their minds about who to vote for in the primary (psst, Guardian, it’s a caucus).

And by “Minnesotans,” they mean about five white people on either a city block in Minneapolis or a shopping mall in Maple Grove.

Watch the video here.

(h/t: Jon Gordon)

  • Jim Shapiro

    And by “Minnesotans,” they mean about five white people…”

    Gosh, and there’s such a huge population of non-white republican voters!

  • Kevin Watterson

    Note that the Brit had horrendous teeth.

  • Kirk W

    The only thing you forgot was the word “angry” wedged between “five” and “white people”.

  • MikeB

    But at least they’re all nice, doncha know?

    We used to boast about how MN citizens are well informed and how seriously we take this process. Nice to know that a gut feel is an adequate replacement for learning about issues and candidates.

    Something about reaping and sowing come to mind

  • This is NOT lucy

    I don’t quite understand why Kat Keene Hogue from the UK would come all the ways to Minnesota to harness…straddle?…the political energy of 5 white guys in the first place when they got a whole cockney of politcal chaos in their very own back yard.