Dispatches from the school

The news today is filled with head-scratching stories from the world of schools.

Check out these:

— A Newfoundland teacher has been suspended with pay from her job after she sprayed a kid with Febreeze. Christian Roberts, 10, made the mistake of eating fish at lunchtime last week, according to his mother. His mother said her son’s classmates starting teasing him about the fishy smell. The teacher sent her son out of class for one period and then sprayed the air freshener on him. (CBC)

— In Florida, an 11-year-old boy is in police custody after he cornered a special education student in the bathroom and tried to set him on fire. CBS reports the boy “took a can of Old Spice body spray and lit the spray stream on fire.” He then “directed the fire stream at fellow student.” The school’s resource officer told WTSP TV he doesn’t think it was a targeted attack but more for “entertainment.”

— A young man in Winona is back in school after grabbing his crotch during a Michael Jackson impersonation. Lenny Boberg, 9, was suspended immediately after the performance of “Billie Jean.” The school’s principal apologized, the Winona Daily News reports..

— Mark Denicore and his wife, Amy, are heading for court. Their crime: Daughter Sophie is chronically late for school. Mr. Denicore is an attorney and says he could lose his law license over this. (Loudon Times)

  • Jim Shapiro

    OK, here’s some ideas:

    -The teacher who sprayed her student should be given the additional task of cleaning the restrooms.

    -The 11 year old who tried to set the special ed student on fire is most likely an irredeemable psychopath who should be confined for life for the good of society.

    -The Winona student who was suspended for the Michael Jackson move got off easy. ANYONE who listens to post Jackson 5 music by that strange, tragic individual should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

    -The parents in England who are being prosecuted for the chronic tardiness of their child should simply adjust their tea time accordingly.

  • Bonnie

    The most disturbing thing I’ve read here is Mr. Shapiro’s opinion of Michael Jackson’s music.

  • Jim Shapiro

    Bonnie – While I’m not particularly fond of Jackson’s brand of pop and his video extravaganzas,

    it’s his tragic life of the abused child becoming the abuser, and the blatant self-hatred of a black man trying to become a white woman that really makes me squirm.

    That said, I try not to begrudge anyone who is able to ignore that part from getting off on his music.

    Just don’t be surprised if I run from the room screaming. 🙂

    ( Actually, both my wife and daughter really like him, and I have thus far opted to tell my daughter a little white lie as to why I don’t share in her glee. )

  • Jamie

    I agree with Jim about Michael Jackson, his life, his music. And I don’t know if Jim was kidding or not about the kid getting off easy for the “Jackson move,” but I do think he got off easy, and that the principal should NOT have apologized. The overt sexualization of pop music, and in turn, the overt sexualization of people all the time, everywhere, especially kids, is reprehensible.