Why wait for Super Bowl ads?

For many people, the reason to watch the Super Bowl is not football, it’s the commercials. Those days, however, are ending now that more companies are releasing their Super Bowl commercials in the weeks before the game.

Today, the Ad Freak blog looks at Audi’s spot…

The spot, airing in the first ad break after halftime, features the new 2013 Audi S7 with the brand’s signature LED headlight technology–which is the focus of the piece. It shows a vampire party in the woods being abruptly halted by the moronic blood sucker who leaves his headlights on after coming back from a pizza run–to the violent demise of those assembled. “In the spot, Audi LEDs–which at 5,500 Kelvin produce the closest recreation of daylight available–put an end to the vampire party, and perhaps, to the greater vampire trend in pop culture,” Audi of America CMO Scott Keogh says in a statement. Talk about biting the neck that feeds you. The spot nicely uses “The Killing Moon” by Echo & The Bunnymen, and so recalls Donnie Darko, which used the same song in its awesome opening sequence. The spot was “unlocked” late Wednesday by Facebook users who solved Audi’s social media contest called “Race the Light.”

At least for this year, though, most of the Super Bowl ads will still be a surprise.

The irreverent animation firm NMA this week released this video showing how they’re done…

  • Bonnie

    All Things Considered did an interesting piece the other night, on the topic of super bowl ads being released before the game…cue “The Bark Side”.

  • Jim Shapiro

    Looking forward to the end of this pop culture vampire tripe.