Who should carry a gun in court?

Should county attorneys in Minnesota carry guns in the courtroom?

That’s one of the bills to be debated this week at the Capitol in the wake of last months’ shooting in a courthouse in Grand Marais, Minnesota Lawyer reports.

Rep. Tony Cornish, a police officer himself, has filed two bills. One would increase the penalties for assaulting or causing the death of a prosecuting attorney (but not the defense attorney?). Another would authorize the county attorney to carry a gun.

  • Jim Shapiro

    Perhaps the honorable Rep. Cornish considers a defense attorney to be part of the problem.

    I would be curious to find out whether he believes that homosexuals should be permitted to carry a firearm.

    Or non-christians.

  • Mr. Shapiro,

    Since prosecutors have been the targets of most court-room attacks, it’s probably a natural (if erroneous) response. I think courtrooms should have the same restrictions that the state capitol does; as long as the court knows who’s armed, a carry permit should be recognized.

    As to playing the religion and orientation card? Cornish is keenly aware that the Pink Pistols – gays for the Second Amendment – were vital group in passing the Minnesota Personal Protection Act. He’s also aware that the late Joel Rosenberg was one of the prime political movers in passing the MPPA, and one of the key shakers in rounding up support for his current bill is Andrew Rothman of the Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance and the MN Association of Defensive Firearms Instructors.

    And you’ll search Cornish’s bill, and his entire record of everything he’s ever said about the subject, and everything anyone’s ever heard him say privately, in absolute vain for any sign of the bigotry you ascribe to him.

    Indeed, your play of the “religion and oritentation” cards was so pointless, uncalled for, fact-free, illogical and hysterical, one might wonder who the bigot is.

    If you’d care to have a discussion that steers clear of name-calling, I’m always happy to sound off.

  • Tyler

    And what’s the baliff’s role in the courtroom, again?

  • Bob Collins

    The prosecutor in Grand Marais was shot in his office.