Well there’s your problem right there


The Minnesota Department of Public Safety provides this image this morning of an incident in Monticello. The story goes like this:

This is something you don’t see everyday, a semi broke through the ice near I-94 near Monticello. Here is what we know happened, at 6:19am this semi was heading eastbound on I-94 went it went off the road. It went across a pond and broke through the ice. The driver crawled out of cab and across the ice to safety. The semi still in pond and recovery is underway. Driver sustained minor injuries.

  • Bob Moffitt

    Insert quip about Target’s sinking holiday sales figures here.

  • JackU

    Looks like somebody watched one too many episodes of Ice Road Truckers.

  • Sarah

    This is like that scene in the Polar Express, except there’s no train and it all seemed to work out better in the movie.