Video of the day: The jump

Longview Longville, Minnesota’s Levi LaVallee set a snowmobiling-jumping record on New Year’s Eve when he successfully launched himself over a section of San Diego Bay for a Red Bull stunt.

What could be better? Doing it on snow.

(h/t: Bring Me The News)

These sorts of jumps and records continue to push the envelope with man and machine. But you know what I miss? This:

Does anyone do this anymore?

  • Dale


    I do not know if there still is a barrel jumping competion but I do remember watching barrel jumping on ABC’s Wild World of Sports every winter into the mid-sixties. Quirky but fun.

  • Bob Collins

    Exactly! It was almost as much fun as when they’d do a log-rolling segment.

  • Rich

    Mr. Lavalle is from Longville, MN. Which is located 9 miles west of Hackensack, MN.

    Longville is best known for it’s turtle races in the summer and being closely associated with Woman Lake and the Boy river chain of Lakes in Cass County.