TV news shows that try too hard

For people in the media, it’s always interesting to watch news organizations try to do something new. There just aren’t a lot of “new” ways to do “old” media, not that CBS hasn’t tried dozens of times over the decades with its perennial third-place-finishing morning news program.

A few weeks ago, it wiped away its last host team, adding Charlie Rose and Oprah-pal Gayle King.

When the announcement of the Oscar nominees was made this morning, the show tried something new: a Mystery Science Theater 3000-like commentary-fest.

“The 2012 nominees for actress in a supporting role are…..” the Oscar ceremony host started…

“I assume this is being seen around the word,” Charlie Rose interjected.

“It depends on the time zone,” another guest intoned as the nominees were named.

“Jessica Chastain in ‘The Help’,” the Oscar official said…

“Jessica,” Rose added.

“Ahhhh,” another host said.

It didn’t get much better. It was like the people behind you in a movie theater.