Theft of the Blog: The way we drive

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Ben Chorn in Duluth writes:

I am hoping that exposure to these stories help people make smarter decisions about driving.

This one:

is about a 13 year old who took his parents car without permission, picked up some friends, then drove down a some-what rural road in Duluth. He was speeding and tried to pass someone in a non-passing zone. He had to swerve to miss an oncoming car which forced him into the ditch where he then hit a tree. Everyone went to the hospital, none were wearing seatbelts.

The other,

is about a 19 year old who at 7:30AM had a BAC over 0.08. He was also speeding and on a road that had 2 lanes in each direction, tried to pass someone. He hit an oncoming car with a grandmother and grandkid going to school, killing the woman.

The road conditions weren’t factors in any of these stories and all could have been avoided. I am hoping that people make better decisions. Just last night a friend on Facebook posted about how she was on a major road in Billings, MT and some idiots decided to street race their pick-ups. One ended up hitting a non-racing driver and then drove off. Luckily bystanders stopped and there weren’t any serious injuries.

  • Jim Shapiro

    Until we laws that reflect a no tolerance policy on drunken driving, innocent people will continue to be maimed or killed.

    The idea of going to prison for an extended period of time, loss of license and significant monetary fines does prove to be a deterrent where it is applied.

    The reasons that we don’t have laws with teeth are that politicians don’t want to be bitten, as well as the deep pockets of the spirits industry and bar owners lobby.

  • BenCh

    Thanks for posting this Bob!

    Had I known my email would be copied I may have tried to write a little more, er, elegantly.