The MPR News Hall of Fame

There are plenty of places on the website to catch the last show and various festivities of Gary Eichten Day (have you seen these pictures), so let’s wrap things up with this nugget.

After today’s final broadcast, the employees of MPR held a gathering in his honor in the UBS Forum. The employees — the “little people” — sent him and his wife to Hawaii. It was Cathy Wurzer’s idea.

And then Eichten was presented with his softball jersey.

“We know you always wanted to be in the Baseball Hall of Fame,” managing director of regional news Chris Worthington said.

“It doesn’t look too good,” Eichten said.

“It will hang on the wall of the MPR newsroom forever,” Worthington said.


It’s the MPR News Hall of Fame. It has one member.

  • davidz

    There are several more people who belong there, and I’m sure that in time they will be represented. But what a way to inaugurate the Hall of Fame.

    Godspeed, Gary, and good luck.

    And for everyone else at MPR who shows up on Monday morning ready for work; well, you still have a job to do, fine co-workers to do it with, and a membership and listener base to do it for. The world isn’t ending. It’s just changing.

  • Shane G

    Incredibly deserved.

  • jberken

    So I look at the guest on the 11 o’clock hour on Midday and see:


    Gary Eichten: MPR’s pre-eminent news host, retiring January 20, 2102.

    Does this mean Gary is retiring in 90 years?! You have made my day!

    I am looking forward to hearing Gary on the air from time to time in the future. Thank you Mr. Eichten.

  • Jamie

    This has been a surprisingly emotional experience for me, listening to the final broadcasts of the Eichten Era.I’m especially glad that I got to hear Gary and Walter Mondale, and then Kathy Wurzer and Gary (albeit with several work interruptions!). I’m looking forward to hearing the Mark Dayton interview from the archives. I also loved hearing Euan Kerr’s report, the “5 things…” I enjoyed the photo gallery, too.

    I have felt sort of included in the festivities in an appropriate way, i.e., not as a friend or colleague, but as a long-time listener. And I thank MPR for honoring me in that way.

  • Aaron

    Gary will never be replaced, a new era is starting. I enjoyed the last show. I wish Gary the best in retirement!