The legends of North Dakota

The economy, as you may have heard, is great in North Dakota. It’s a great time to be a stripper in the Oil Patch, for example. But you can’t really make a tourism campaign out of that.

This week, North Dakota unveiled its 2012 tourism campaign, “Arrive a guest, leave a legend,” although this particular ad suggests another slogan might also fit.

“The direction of Arrive a guest. Leave a Legend. offers the idea that once visitors cross the border into North Dakota, everything and anything is possible,” the North Dakota Tourism press release says.



(h/t: Stephanie Curtis)

  • Jim Shapiro

    How about this one:

    “What Happens in North Dakota, Stays in North Dakota.*

    (*Petroleum products and paternity suits not covered by guarantee.)

  • “Legendary” has been a part of ND’s tourism branding for a while now, usually paired with shots of the badlands. Its nice to see the east part of the state represented with this advertisement- The Hotel Donaldson in downtown Fargo to be specific. I do know however that at least one of the people in the photo lives in Minnesota…

  • John.p

    I am already a legend, so I will continue to avoid ND.

  • Jamie


  • Kassie

    Come to North Dakota, the Women Are Easy?

    Come to North Dakota, You Might Get Laid?

    Terrible, terrible ad.

  • This is NOT lucy

    “•A print ad series promoting specific North Dakota experiences of hiking, history, western, family adventure, birding, golfing, motorcycling and hunting to out-of-state and Canadian audiences. ”

    Those fellas in the photo must be experiencing the ‘birding’ aspect of North Dakota. I would appear by observing the body language that one of the fellas is going to get a two for one deal.


    The Badlands are much worse than you think and they have been demoted. You have to travel a bit further south of North Dakota to see them.

  • John P II

    There’s Badlands National Park in South Dakota and extensive areas of badlands (type of terrain) in North Dakota. Theodore Roosevelt National Park is beautiful and hopefully safe from the nearby drilling.

    Maybe this ad is meant to be a subtle recruiting ad for oil field workers.

  • Bonnie

    This was all over my facebook page today and I still can’t bring myself to actually watch it. I’ll take your word for it. Because that is the way a Minnesotan reacts.

  • Bob Moffitt

    As my wife is from North Dakota, I have no comment.