Police chief quits in town made infamous by ‘taco’ quip

In Connecticut, the police chief of East Haven has resigned, days after the arrest of four police officers accused of tyrannizing Latinos.

More than 15,000 people signed an online petition calling on East Haven Mayor Joseph Maturo Jr., to replace the police chief.

It was organized by the same organization that sent tacos to the mayor because of this remark.


  • Jim Shapiro

    One might think this interview was satire, if they didn’t know the reality of politics in east coast Italian American dominated communities.

  • John P II

    Do you think all those Italian Americans are racist or just culturally insensitive?

    Nice work by the journalist interviewing the mayor. He didn’t let the taco remark go unchallenged but also gave the mayor every chance to explain what he was going to do for his Latino constituents.

  • Jim Shapiro

    John Paul II – “Do you think all those Italian Americans are racist or just culturally insensitive?”

    I try to avoid “all those” types of characterizations, but one reality is that any community that has a significantly dominant culture will tend towards more racism and less cultural sensitivity.

    In the case of East Haven, said dominant culture is Italian American.

    (Whom I might support by having capellini al pesto for dinner. And some of my best friends are racist Italian Americans. Or perhaps they’re merely culturally insensitive. 🙂