MPR’s ‘naked lady’


There are only 8 broadcasts of MPR’s Midday left before Broadcasting Hall of Fame host Gary Eichten retires; this is a massively depressing fact for a sizable part of the MPR audience and 100 percent of the people who work here.

We’ve enjoyed reading the messages that people have been submitting, but few have elicited the guffaws that the imagery from one did today.

A woman who moved here from Germany 18 years ago reminisced about her introduction to Midday, closing with this:

“In centuries past, big proud saling ships had statues of naked ladies mounted to the front that showed them the way through the oceans. I sure hope that MPR is still going to find its way after its very own naked lady, Gary Eichten, has gone home.”

Of course, we put our best and brightest on that one…


Mr. Eichten has worked at MPR for nearly 45 years, but it wasn’t until his last two weeks in the business that he picked up a nickname that might just stick.

(h/t: Michael Wells)

  • Jim Shapiro

    Eichten’s new epithet and that ship figurehead might just get The Advocate to review it’s rating criteria.

  • Jamie

    That’s really funny. What were the circumstances around the photo of everyone applauding? Do you all just do that every other day? :o)

    I’m surprised at how sad I feel about Gary Eichten leaving. But I guess it makes sense — I’ve been listening to him for most of those 45 years, since about 1978 or so. In a way it’s NOT surprising that someone like me who doesn’t like change very much can feel sort of comfortable with and assured by Gary’s voice and his good work on Midday almost every day.

    I will definitely miss the Naked Lady.

  • Henny

    I don’t see any new messages on Gary’s page, including this latest naked lady message. Are there messages we’re not seeing?

    Rather than a bobblehead there should be a Gary Eichten beacon, standing for common sense and integrity. How long before that also disappears? I hope Gary might make future guest host appearances so it will be even more apparent what’s gone.

  • Bonnie

    That is clever. Who is replacing him on the show? Did I miss that announcement? And I don’t need any more reminders about him leaving, its very depressing. And he sure as hell better come back for pledge drives. Heck of a deal.

  • Sam

    I’ve been wondering about his successor, too. Is there even the slightest chance of Midday w/Bob Collins?

  • Bob Collins

    // Did I miss that announcement? A

    Nope. I asked the boss last week and the answer is they will announce the lineup/programming changes AFTER the last show.

  • Bob Collins

    // How long before that also disappears?

    I’ve been asked to speak at Gary’s farewell staff event and now you’re going to be the first to get a preview of what I’m going to say.

    You have to understand the high regard the people in this newsroom have for Gary. And there isn’t anyone who’s ever going to sully what he’s meant to this organization by doing anything that he would frown upon.

    Gary is the conscience of the newsroom and there are many people fully intent on honoring him in the only way we can for as long as we work here.

  • Bob Collins

    // That’s really funny. What were the circumstances around the photo of everyone applauding?

    I believe (I was out East) that Gary’s retirement announcement was released while he was on the air. What you see is him leaving the studio on that day and returning to the newsroom.

  • Julia Schrenkler, MPR

    The page will be updated – have you submitted a message for Gary? Please do so!

  • Steve Griffith, MPR

    That was one of the pictures taken the day Gary announced his retirement – I was standing right behind the photographer in the newsroom as Gary came out of the studio. Very cool moment, but very sad – you could see him struggle with the emotions that were roaring through the room.

    I hate that he’s going, but I’m awfully damn proud to have worked with him.