Marv Davidov dead at 80

Marv Davidov died on Saturday at 80. He was the dean of the Minnesota peace movement, and started the Honeywell Project, which protested the making of cluster bombs for use in Vietnam.

On Twin Cities Planet, Steve Clemens has a compelling remembrance:

Thursday morning while visiting him at Walker Methodist Health Center, I told him I was stepping out of the room so one of his care-takers could change his dressing. He grabbed my hand, smiled, and said, “I love you, Steve” and I returned the sentiment. He knew his time was rapidly approaching and he dared not leave any loose ends. As I think of this brother with many fond memories, one of my favorites was his story about standing naked in the shower at a health club and his conversation with an FBI agent. If you don’t know it, get Carol’s book and enjoy some of the many adventures and stories of my friend and mentor.

MPR’s Voices of Minnesota series talked to Davidov when it profiled him back in 2007.

The following video has some obscenities in it. Peace is like that.

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