Death threats and a football game

Maybe it’s time to step back from the TV and take a deep breath.

Kyle Williams, the kid who botched San Francisco’s chance to go to the Super Bowl yesterday, had a Twitter account full of death threats after the game, Mashable reports:

After the game, Williams’s Twitter mentions were a list of posts denigrating his value as a person and player. Fans wished for him to “burn in hell” and kill himself. The worst came from user @javpasquel, who posted this on Sunday night:


@KyleWilliams_10. I hope you, youre wife, kids and family die, you deserve it

22 Jan 12

The tweet went viral on the network, with scores of fans retweeting it along with incredulous comments; many directed their vitriol back at Pasquel. One user looked through Pasquel’s timeline to find a likely reference to his personal email account, then posted it for other fans to see.

The person behind that particular tweet claims his Twitter account was “hacked.” As of this afternoon, however, it’s disappeared.