A return to the good times?

We haven’t asked this question in awhile and today seems like an appropriate day to do so: Are you confident that your economic life is getting better and heading in the right direction?

A lot of people clearly are.

The Associated Press reports today that Americans increased their borrowing in November by the largest amount in 10 years. The Federal Reserve says total consumer borrowing rose $20.4 billion in November, the largest increase since a $28 billion gain in November 2001. A category that measures credit card debt rose by $5.6 billion, the most since March 2008.

Auto loans also took a big jump.

The total increase works out to about $65 per person in the U.S.

For all accounts that accrued interest, the new debt has an average annual interest rate of 13.67 percent.

Have your good times returned? Or are you just replacing the things that have worn out from a decade of trying to make do.