Who mattered in 2011?

There is no shortage of top-ten best-of lists helping us to boil the year down to a blog post. Time‘s Person of the Year is worth a conversation. The magazine selected “The Protester.”

Time: “Once upon a time, when major news events were chronicled strictly by professionals and printed on paper or transmitted through the air by the few for the masses, protesters were prime makers of history. Back then, when citizen multitudes took to the streets without weapons to declare themselves opposed, it was the very definition of news — vivid, important, often consequential. In the 1960s in America they marched for civil rights and against the Vietnam War; in the ’70s, they rose up in Iran and Portugal; in the ’80s, they spoke out against nuclear weapons in the U.S. and Europe, against Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, against communist tyranny in Tiananmen Square and Eastern Europe. Protest was the natural continuation of politics by other means.”

Who would you like to see on the cover of the magazine?

  • Mark Gisleson

    The cover should be given to all Americans who believe that loving America means you have to hate other Americans.

    Yes, Fox News viewers should get the cover this year.

  • John P II

    Time nailed it. The accompanying article is well worth reading, as is their piece on runner-up Paul Ryan.