Unmasking a Klingon ship

Did a coronal mass ejection “uncloak” a Klingon bird of prey ship?

You have to love the YouTube guy who noticed the object saying “it’s definitely some sort of manufactured object.”

Or not.

Gizmodo seeks out an answer…

It could very well be a glitch on the sensor, a ghost image from the planet Mercury itself. If you pay close attention, you can see that the two lines follow the same direction that the planet does. But if it’s a ghost image, why does it end so abruptly? How is it so well delimited? Why does it look like a spaceship?

The answer, according to Nathan Rich, lead ground system engineer at the United States Naval Research Laboratory in Washington, DC, is in the way the images are post-processed.

A series of images shot from another satellite seems to show the same thing.

Definitely Klingons.