Twins as window shoppers

The Angels of Anaheim have added Albert Pujols of the Cardinals to their roster, giving him the second-largest contract in the history of baseball. He’ll make about $25 million a year.

Then the Angels turned around and signed Texas Rangers pitcher C.J. Wilson for another $15 million.

The Twins? They were drafting a player off the we-don’t-want-him-anyway list of the Cleveland Indians, and declaring that they’d like to resign either Michael Cuddyer or Jason Kubel, but can’t afford both. This after shedding the contracts of Joe Nathan and several others.

Quick quiz: Who can remember when building a ballpark for the Minnesota Twins was supposed to help them be competitive?

Target Field has been like printing money for the team. The prices are higher, the food costs more, the team is capturing luxury box and luxury seat revenue and the team is selling out. And the team still cannot draw a big-name free agent to play here.

In fact, they draw more fans in Minnesota, than the Angels draw in Anaheim.

The Twins drew 3,168,107 to Target Field last year, the fourth best attendance in all of Major League Baseball. The Angels were fifth at 3,166,321.

Last year the Angels ranked fourth in payroll ($139 million), the Twins ranked 12th at $112 million.

What’s missing?