The year’s forgettable news

We’re about to get to the slowest news week of the year, which means we’ll be inundated with retrospectives about all the top stories of the year. We’ll be reminded that the top story of the year was the economy, which we don’t need reminding because it’s been the top story every day of the year.

What about those other stories? When was the world supposed to end, again? What was the name of that Netflix spin-off? Remember that homeless guy with the deep voice who was everywhere in the media for two weeks? What was his name?

Try out today’s “Lunchtime Quiz” on Mental Floss and see if you can remember the news stories we’ve already pretty much forgotten.

  • Cara

    I got 13 of 15 correct. It wasn’t nearly as difficult as the Newscut quizzes used to be.

  • Mark Snyder

    I got six correct. Several of the ones I got wrong were from news items I purposely ignored, though.

  • John P.

    7 of 14 correct. Passed on two because I had no idea. I should have guessed. I would have had a 50% chance of getting one more right.

    On 3 of the ones I got correct I did not really know the answer, but eliminated 2 and then guessed, so maybe I picked one or two up there.

    Really, though. Who around here would care about a college football game down south?