The things we’d do if we could

Today, with any luck, I will sit down in a cubicle for the first time in two weeks and blog. It’s not that I dislike watching the world from the safety — not to mention sanctity — of the World Headquarters of NewsCut, it’s just that sometimes I run across things that make me think about the things I would do if I were young again.

Like this:


Somewhere in that image is Lonnie Dupre, the explorer from Grand Marais, who is about to start a solo climb on North America’s highest mountain, Mount McKinley.

Did I mention that Dupre is 50?

He tried this last year, too, but a storm pinned him down so he spent 22 days alone on the mountain. Maybe he spent some of that time dreaming of blogging in the comfy confines of a cubicle.

He hopes to make it to the top during a full moon on January 9th.

You can follow his exploits here.

Discussion point: What are the things you’d like to do?