The private lives of TV newspeople

Maybe you’ve noticed the latest local trend in TV news: If something happens to one of the station’s “talent,” it’s news. Have a baby? News. Get a disease? News. Time for the colonoscopy? Health segment.

When is something not news? When most of the nation is laughing at your anchorperson for doing a newscast, apparently, under the influence of…. something.

As an earlier 5×8 post indicated this week, it happened Sunday to an anchor in Mankato.

The TV station hadn’t said anything about it until last night, posting a short message on its website at a time when few people are looking at news websites.

“Sunday night’s uncharacteristic newscast on KEYC Mankato can hardly be considered private. Nonetheless, in our judgment, the matter represents a personnel issue to be resolved internally.”

Dennis M. Wahlstrom

Vice President and General Manager, KEYC

Fair enough. Even though the person is obviously in the public eye, privacy is demanded, even if it makes news. It’s not a policy often extended by the news media to people not in the news media.


Later last night, the anchorwoman issued a statement saying she’s been sick and on medication.

Perhaps there’s a future story here on the need to read the warning labels.