The Current helps build a home

What do the cool folks at The Current do when they get a day off? Today, they helped out at a Habitat for Humanity townhome project on Third Avenue NE in Minneapolis. This picture was after they drywalled, installed laminate flooring, and built closet shelves


Nothing brings people together — in this case Mark Wheat and Mary Lucia — more than the successful use of a tape measure… eventually.


We put this top piece up twice, because we didn’t have it high enough on the first attempt. We dubbed this the Current’s Wall of Shame. Two of the people in this gang are Habitat for Humanity homeowners. They put in at least 500 hours of work for their home.


Jill Reilly learns that with a piece of drywall, a T-square, and a pencil, you can diagram a pretty good invasion of Wisconsin.


Jackie Fuller demonstrates the proper technique for the drywall “laying on of the hands” ceremony.


The idea for the day of work came from Mary Lucia. It was a great one.

  • Thanks for sharing your day here! This just makes me love y’all — and The Current — even more than I already do.

  • Penny

    that is so AWESOME!

    Nice job, Current.

    I wonder if Habitat for Humanity could work something out with the banks, that is, maybe the banks donate the homes that were foreclosed on that sit empty and are falling apart. Then Habitat for Humanity can provide shelter for those who lost their homes to forecloser.

  • John P II

    Nice to see The Current getting some love here recently. I would not still be a sustaining member all these years without them. Wonderful people, and generous too.

    I think it would be cool for The Current to start an ongoing volunteer service corp similar to the SurlyNation model. Couple events a year, invite listeners/members to join, and reward with a small meal/concert or tickets or something. If a brewery can engage customers that way a public radio station should be able to do it.

  • Nice work guys. My church had a crew at those same town homes this past summer. Hopefully the windows kept out the winter winds for ya.

  • Will Young

    Agree with JPII. If the Current can handle a coffee break on site once a month, surely the Current can set up a mobile broadcast at a place like Feed My Starving Children where listeners can come and give their time.

  • Bob Collins

    Just curious what volunteering you’re all doing now? How much time you donate per month etc., and where?