In advertising, Detroit sells

Every year, the nation’s big advertising agencies try to outdo each other with their electronic Christmas “cards” to clients and others. Most of them are usually — how can we say this? — exactly what you’d expect from people who spend the rest of the year making ads with singing toilet paper, talking fish, and people in bathtubs on the side of a mountain.

There’s one exception, this year.

It’s a fitting bookend for 2011, which started out with one of the most memorable ads of the year by also using Detroit as the backdrop.

  • Jamie

    Those Chrysler/Detroit ads are some of the best ads I’ve ever seen, both in concept and in execution. Really impressive. I hadn’t seen that extended version before (don’t watch the Super Bowl). Eminem I don’t get (and don’t like). I suppose he’s from Detroit, but he seems to me to be a strange choice.