Col. Potter’s war

Though it was about Korea, the TV series M*A*S*H did little to hide that it was a show with a message about Vietnam, a war that was raging during the series. It gave anti-war sentiment a popular cultural voice at a time of nasty public demonstrations against the war.

No moment in the highly decorated series was more powerful, perhaps, than this one:

Harry Morgan, the fine actor who played Col. Sherman Potter, died this morning. He was 96.

  • Rest in peace.

  • John O.

    Harry, we will miss you. Nice choice on the clip too, Bob.

  • John P II

    What are the odds I can find The Ox-Bow Incident in a Red Box? Morgan played Art Croft, one of the “all but seven.”

  • Jim Shapiro

    A fine actor on a powerful, important television program.

    But white phosphorous was invented by the British, and first used in WWI.

    It was used in Fallujah by US forces, and by Israel in Gaza – both campaigns where the vast majority of casualties were civilians

    ( Damn those Chinese!)

  • This is NOT lucy

    Exactly Jim,

    they’re good at the twist.