The mystery of the Mankato anchorwoman (5×8 – 12/8/11)


Not since a reporter had what appeared to be a stroke at a Hollywood awards ceremony last winter has there been such a brouhaha over the “health” of a TV newsperson. This time it’s one of ours.

Annie Stensrud, the Sunday night anchor on KEYC, disappeared halfway through her broadcast after an “uneven” performance.

The Mankato Free Press reports…

Dan Ruiter, KEYC news director, said viewers are jumping to conclusions if they assume Stensrud was intoxicated. There is no proof of that, he said.

In an official statement released Wednesday, KEYC Vice President and General Manager Dennis Wahlstrom declined to say whether Stensrud is still working for the station.

That usually means “no.”


Lucas Gonzalez, 3, of Jacksonville, Fla., was born with a rare primary immune deficiency disorder called Hyper IGM Syndrome. He needs a bone marrow transplant in North Carolina and his folks have to quit work

  • Brent Berheim

    Thank you, as always, for your great 5×8 posts – I look forward to them every week day as a way to start my day.

    I especially wanted to thank you for posting the Change for a Dollar video. Wow. Very thought-provoking. Made me take a good long hard look at myself.

    Thanks again for all you do!

  • Jim Shapiro

    The beautiful, tear-producing Change for a Dollar” video gives a message that I, for one, need to hear from time to time.

    Regarding the dumping of soldiers’ remains – It always puzzles me as to how some people are more disturbed by what happens with dead matter than by what happens to human beings while they’re still alive.

    “They have known that they were doing something disgusting, and they were doing everything they could to keep it from us.”

    Yeah. It’s called WAR.