Will Minnesota be Packer territory?

We’ve reached the creative-outlet stage of the debate over whether the Minnesota Vikings should get a new stadium on the public dime.

Tyler Richter has called our attention to this “ad” he produced. May not be suitable for a younger audience.

“This is what I think the Minnesota Vikings really want to say about the stadium situation–but can’t,” he said. He’s not affiliated with the Vikings or the stadium movement, he adds.

  • John P II

    The Green Bay Packers? The only non-profit, community-owned professional sports team in the country? And current Super Bowl champions (for the fourth time …)

    Maybe Zygi should donate the Vikings to the people of the state of MN instead of the other way around. That would be creative.

  • jon

    you mean this isn’t packers territory already?

    I mean Maybe vikings fans out number packers fans up north, and out side of the cities, but in the cities, I imagine it’s got to be pretty close from my experience…

    Oh, and GO BEARS (best thing about them is that they aren’t the vikings, and they aren’t the packers… I hear they play football every now and then too.)

  • Snyder

    It’s fun to make suggestions about the Vikings becoming a community-owned franchise like the Packers, but it doesn’t change the fact that the NFL will never allow it. The Packers are a one-time, grandfathered franchise. They are the only NFL (or any professional “Major League”) team that will ever operate under this structure.

    When people accept this fact, the decision then becomes: do we want to keep the Vikings in Minnesota or not? And if we do, how are we willing to pay for it? If not, then we can let them go to LA or wherever.

  • Jim Shapiro

    As a kid ( when emotional ties to a professional sports team are most deeply established), I lived and went to school in the Twin Cities, but we always spent all summer in Wisconsin.

    I loved the vikings and hated the packers.

    As an adult ( chronologically at least), in whatever country I’ve lived, I’ve always considered the vikings to be “my team”, for better and worse.

    I’ve now lived in southern California for 7 years, and the vikes continue to be my team.

    But I started to begrudgingly respect the packers as an institution some time ago, when I learned about their unique status as a community-owned team.

    The current surreal situation of Minnesota considering building a stadium for a billionaire while so many necessities are under funded

    would make my transition to becoming a packer fan a bit smoother.

  • bench

    I feel like ‘Vikings move to LA, Packers to move to Minneapolis’ would make a great Onion article…