The new Twins broadcaster

The Twins have named a new play-by-play radio broadcaster to replace John Gordon, who retired at the end of last season.

Cory Provus gets the job after serving the last few years as the backup to Milwaukee Brewers’ legendary broadcaster Bob Uecker.

I haven’t listened to an entire season of Milwaukee Brewer baseball but a quick scan today revealed a solid play-by-play style — nothing particularly flashy and generally whitebread in nature — with the occasional baseball cliche thrown in…

He’s no Ernie Harwell nor Vin Scully, but who is?

You can learn a little more about him and his baseball knowledge by reading his blog at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Of course, Provus won’t have Uecker in the booth with him, so we wont’ have exchanges like this, which Provus documented on his blog:

Bob: “Do you know anything about Tony Plush? Where does he come from?”

Cory: “Well, Nyjer Morgan is who you see on the plane and in the clubhouse. However, once he takes the field he becomes Tony Plush.”

Bob: “All right.”

Cory: “So, tonight’s text question tonight is for you. If Tony Plush is Nyjer’s alter ego, what is Bob Uecker’s?”

-Now, without any hesitation he uttered the following answer….

Bob: “Bette Davis.”

-Little background on Bette. Her website,, labels her as “The First Lady of the American Screen.” She won numerous awards over her legendary acting career incuding a couple of Academy Awards.

Cory: “Why?”

Bob: “Just the way she dressed. Powerful. Good right handed hitter. Looked good in flats, heels and pumps. I do all of that.”

Cory: “Really? I haven’t seen that side of you yet?”

Bob: “Well, don’t come into my room unannounced. Otherwise you’ll see me in a dress.”

  • Steph

    Which is why I love listening to Brewers Baseball. Once drove all the way back from Milwaukee in a truck with only an AM radio on a Sunday. My radio selections consisted of NASCAR, talk shows, and the Brewers game. Listened to game the whole way back. Bob Uecker ‘s story about a BBQ continued the whole game. Never could tell you who won that game.

  • Jim Shapiro

    If J.Edgar Hoover could cross-dress, so can Bob Uecker.

    This is still America, you know. (And to the best of my knowledge, Ueker has yet to infringe on anyone’s civil liberties.)

  • DanA

    The Twins are fortunate to have Cory Provus. He is a worthy successor to John Gordon.

  • Jeff

    For 25 years now, I have been waiting for an adequate play by play replacement for Herb. Gordo never cut the mustard. Gordo was more interested in golf than baseball. Gordo never quite figured out that he was a radio guy, and that listeners relied on him to fill them in on the action. I celebrated the day I heard he was retiring. The brief audio I heard from Cory sounds great. If it is any indication of what he will offer us, I hope that Cory stays around as long as Herb.