The Minnesota culture – Boston version

The “Letter to the East Coast,” I penned a few weeks ago, certainly got a feedback from people, including those who have experienced firsthand the difficulty of making new friends in Minnesota.

The complaint has always been that this is all part of the “Minnesota culture.”

But maybe we’re not as special in this category as we had imagined. Take for instance, this column at today, which documents the situation back East.

The good news is there are ways of breaking the ice – I was lucky enough to marry an outgoing Midwesterner who decided to befriend our Natick neighbors, whether they liked it or not. And to their credit, most of them have welcomed her efforts – and have probably seen it as a breath of fresh air.

But be forewarned, it’s not easy come, easy go around here.

As daveycnd recently wrote: I’ve been here 10 years, and I’ll be gone by the end of next year… either San Diego or Chicago. Even after all this time, and after a breakup, Boston is just NOT a friendly city. If you’re from here, and have your circle, you are all set, but MOST people are not willing to open those circles. I love the city… just not the attitude.

And here’s what Bynxers had to say.

Yeah sorry- I’ve been here almost a decade and never truly felt accepted or a member of the community. In fact, I swear that I was turned down on several jobs BECAUSE I wasn’t from here- even though I went to the “right” Boston area university for my field.

I’ve been outgoing and social as much as possible and if it weren’t for my inlaws and wife’s friends I would literally have NO social local “Boston” social connections beyond colleagues and work pleasantries. Literally, all my true friends around here are from somewhere else and NOT Boston.

Maybe I should send them another letter.