And now, a moment about the victims


“Everybody’s talking about (Jerry) Sandusky and everybody’s talking about Joe Paterno and, you know, what’s the university going to do for these boys?” hockey star Theo Fleury told CBS News this morning.

Fleury, who was sexually abused as a young player by a coach, suggests people should be less concerned about the legacy of football coach Joe Paterno, and more concerned about getting some help for some kids who probably need it.

“I’m sure they have a psychology and psychiatry faculty there where they can draw on those resources and get these boys the help that they need. It took me 27 years to come to a place of… being comfortable in my own skin again. And, you know, my wish is that…somebody takes the bull by the horns here and reaches out to these boys who have gone through what they have gone through,” Fleury said.

We’ve yet to hear from any of the victims of the Penn State sexual abuse scandal, but the sister of one victim says she’s stopped going to most classes at Penn State because her brother’s misery is the stuff jokes are made of:

“I’ve been going to minimal classes, because every class I go to I get sick to my stomach. People are making jokes about it. I understand they don’t know I’m involved and it was my brother, but it’s still really hard to swallow that.”