More shopping, less Thanksgiving

Just about every major retailer is going on “all in” now on opening at midnight on the Friday after Thanksgiving.

“People want to shop through the night,” Martine Reardon, Macy’s executive vice president of marketing told the Associated Press. She said the expanded hours were in response to customers’ requests.

Really? People were asking to be able to go shopping at midnight? Were store employees begging to go to work at midnight, too?

Kohl’s announced today it, too, will open at midnight. In a press release, company chairman Kevin Mansell said. “We are making shopping easy and even more convenient this holiday season.” Just one question: What’s convenient about shopping for slippers for Uncle Andy at 1 in the morning?

The next step in retailing seems obvious: Destroy Thanksgiving Day. Target, for example, will experiment with Thanksgiving Day openings in Denver, matching some of the other discount store competition.

That makes it less convenient to get the family together on one day of the year without having to be distracted by going to work or going shopping. But perhaps people aren’t requesting that.

  • Kassie

    Retailers are confused. Convenience and ease is shopping online while I watch TV on a Tuesday night. Or stopping somewhere quick on my way home from work. Anything that involves midnight, a big box store or a mall, and crowds of people is absolutely not easy or convenient.

  • Tyler

    I was picking up candy for Halloween two nights ago…Christmas decorations were being stocked right next to Halloween decorations. Thanksgiving was nowhere to be found.

  • Jim Shapiro

    Bob – The business of America is business. And those people who work for those stores should be happy to have a job at all. What are you, anyway? A commanist?!?

  • It’s “Event” shopping.

    People shop online more than ever so to draw the crowds, retailers have to make shopping into an event.

    Opening at 7 am isn’t an Event. Opening at Midnight especially because of its trangressive nature, IS.

  • boB from WA

    I noticed that: a) the amount of people requesting late night shopping was not mentioned. b) The identities or occupations of the people requesting more shopping time was not mentioned. Are the “people” just the managers and execs who are trying to squeeze more profits for their shareholders?

  • Heather

    So, are the people who have to work those hours going to get anything extra out of it? Because they should.

  • Dale

    Per Heather’s comment concerning extra pay for the workers. At least, not at Wal-Mart. My son who has worked at Wal-Mart for last 3 years while attending college has full time hours. When asked last year to come in early to work, though he is full time there was no overtime being paid to those who came in early.

  • Doug Rositzke

    Could we have one holiday without the retailers and obnoxious television coverage blaring at us? One day when we can get our family together and have a nice quiet meal and give thanks for what we have? I guess not. The wicked witch had it right I guess…what a world, what a world….

  • bench

    I have spent more money from online Black Friday deals than I have going to stores- although that is mainly due to the fact that I bought a laptop.

    From my experience, it was better when stores did not open at all the same time. I was able to have a game-plan of hitting certain stores when they open and not have to worry about others there before me. With all stores opening at midnight the competition to get in and get out will be fierce and I am betting there will be more in store injuries and fights, along with possibly more car accidents. Sleepy shoppers plus a drive to get to the next deal isn’t safe at all.

  • Susan WB

    Well, I for one just pretend these schemes don’t exist and continue my Thanksgiving traditions precisely as before. Then again, no on in my family currently has the misfortune of working retail, so we have that luxury.

    I never bought into the whole “day after Thanksgiving” shopping binge thing in the first place, and I sure as heck am not going shopping at midnight on Thanksgiving. They could give their merch away free and wouldn’t show up. I don’t need all that stuff anyway.

  • kennedy

    “That makes it less convenient to get the family together on one day of the year without having to be distracted by going to work or going shopping.”

    Just because the stores are open doesn’t mean you have to go. My family and I will be sleeping off the tryptophan until well after the sun rises on Friday morning.

  • JackU

    @boB from WA: No the people asking the big box stores to open at midnight are the poor folks who work for the smaller retailers that are opening at 7AM. They want a chance at the door buster bargains as well.

  • John P.

    My family is a retailers nightmare. No purchased gifts except maybe if it’s especially relevant and inexpensive. Make something. Buying “slippers for Uncle Andy” when he probably already has a pair he likes just fine is just silly. He probably would have picked a different color anyway. These rules do not apply to my grandchildren, however.

  • This is NOT lucy

    I think the theme for shoopping should be “Less Is More”

    I like seeing the layaway plans coming back. This eliminates the use of credit cards.

  • DanA

    And the sixth seal is loosed and the infernal hounds of Beelzebub slip their bonds while eyeing their prey with rabid anticipation