The Mourning Show

While listening to MPR Midday’s wonderful tribute to the late Tom Keith, this afternoon, I watched the e-mails coming in from listeners.

Here are some of the ones that came from people who gave us permission to share:

“My two boys grew up listening to the Morning Show on the way to school. They loved Dr. Kyle and his kooky variety of genetically altered products at the Genway store.

Missy Hermes , Fergus Falls

“I am shocked by the death of Tom Keith. I knew him briefly while serving as the director of development for MPR during 1981-82, when I occasionally stopped up to watch the PHC morning show. He was a quiet, strong, serious, and, yet,irreverent presence in the control booth. After that,throughout the years, I watched and listened for Tom on A Prairie Home Companion and The Morning Show. There was comfort in his presence and his commentary on our lives and times, and the humor of it all. I felt I was in on a little secret about what makes us laugh. I took for granted that Tom would always be here in our lives. He and I “grew old together,” even though I’m sure he would not even have remembered me. This is a sad, sad day.” — Wendy Andberg. Blaine

“I had the privilege of take part in a sound effects contest with Tom and another St. Paul man in Fall ’91 on American Radio Company at the World. He was cordial and spent his offstage time with us helping to make us feel at home. He was a true gentleman and a rare talent, the likes of which will not come around again soon.

He volunteered his time to assist with sound effects when the Norwegian Explorers when we performed some of Edith Meiser’s Sherlock Holmes scripts. He was always gracious and willing to share his knowledge and made you feel very welcome and comfortable.” — Bill Teeple, St. Paul

“What a great talent he was. I was amazed, however, each year at the meatloaf and mashed potatoes kickoff of PHC, and the Loon Calling Contest. I though his loon call was passable, but mostly, only mediocre. Gives me an appreciation of how hard that call must be.

(I’ve known two young ladies who placed 2nd…must be a easier for that age and sex)

Always enjoyed watching him make magic. Miss him.” — Keith Miller, Shoreview

“So sad to hear about Tom Keith’s death. I worked with him when I was a reporter at MPR in the early ’80s. He was a talented and delightful man.” — Deborah Fisher, Bellevue Wa

  • julie renner

    I missed the broadcast today and I was

    delighted to find it here tonight.

    I was a huge fan of Tom Keith on both of

    his shows for many, many years. I loved

    his sports scores, especially.

    An era at MPR is ending and we are all

    hating the change.