Minnesota Independent closing

The Minnesota Independent online news site is closing.

The network of individual locally-targeted “Independent” sites is being eliminated in favor of one big site.

According to a note on the Independent’s site:

I am writing today to announce the closure of the Minnesota Independent. After five years of operation in Minnesota, the board of the American Independent News Network, has decided to shift publication of its news into a single site, The American Independent at Americanindependent.com.

This is part of a shift in strategy, towards new forms of journalism made available as technology has advanced, and an increasing emphasis on national coverage and issue-based coverage from our network. Over the coming months, AINN will announce a number of new journalism initiatives that will continue to advance our mission of producing impact journalism in the public interest.

Going forward, an archive of Minnesota Independent’s reporting will exist on AmericanIndependent.com.

We are grateful for the loyal readership of the MnIndy, and to the outstanding work of our reporters and editors.

We look forward to keeping you posted on our plans, which will be announced early next year.

Best regards,

David S. Bennahum

CEO & founder, The American Independent News Network

  • Sounds like a case of thinking consolidation is a good thing, financially and otherwise. But is it?

  • John O.

    I’m sitting here at the gate waiting for a flight back to MSP as I am reading and writing this.

    Frankly, cattle being taken to market are frequently treated better than many airline passengers. Prior to 9/11, one could often see the (then) flimsy cockpit door open.

    Now, they are locked in there so that even the flight attendants cannot enter (correct me if I am wrong). So why do we put up with the expensive lunacy that is TSA is? It is insane and inconsistent from day to day and airport to airport..

  • John O.

    Wrong spot…my apologies….