Mailbag: The reading room


On Wednesday, I posted a You Should Meet item about retired English professor Joe Plut, who was having a ‘reading room’ dedicated in his honor that night.

Nancy Waller, who had nominated Joe, sends along this message today:

It was a nice gathering, quite lovely, with many of his friends gathered. Steve and I think there were at least 70 there, amazing… and just a guess since it was standing room only.

Joe wore the tux from his play. He was beaming and enjoying every hug he got that night.

He had a print out of your blog, and talked about it quite a bit. He kept mentioning you and the 3 hour conversation all night long.

Thanks, Bob.

Nancy sent along these photographs. My favorite is this table of important items and photographs. You can probably figure out why.


  • Jim Shapiro

    Bob – You are blessed to have the opportunity and skill to be a positive presence in people’s lives.

    And we are blessed to have you. Thanks.

  • Joanna

    Great follow-up to an inspiring story. A dear friend discovered her literary voice late in life in Brainerd, and it changed her life.People like Joe Plut can have a profound impact on so many, but don’t always get the chance to know just how much their generous spirits have made the world a better place.

  • Jamieq

    What Jim said.

  • Mike & Connie Kelley

    My wife of 40+ years were blessed to be students of Joe’s – Classes #2 & 3 – during the 60’s and spent 10 days with him in New York City in the bicentennial summer of 1976 (an epic adventure to be sure, as all who know him can surely attest). We remain closest of friends and have never known anyone with the limitless and selfless capacity for loving and giving as Joe. Thank you, Bob, for reminding us of our good fortune.