Black Friday is now ‘black Thursday’

It’s done. WalMart has killed Thanksgiving — as expected. The giant retailer has responded to other stores following its lead by opening at midnight on the Friday after Thanksgiving, by announcing today it will open at 10 p.m. on Thanksgiving, the Pioneer Press reports.

  • Jim Shapiro

    Money money money money money, money money money. Money, money, money, money!

    Stuff stuff stuff, stuff stuff, stuff, stuff stuff stuff!

  • Heather

    Don’t know who will stay farther away from any retailer that weekend, me or Jim Shapiro!

  • Brian

    How soon before a retailer (likely Walmart) kills Thanksgiving all together and opens before dawn on Thanksgiving day? You know that someone is already tossing that idea around.

  • andy

    The evil pied piper. Now that Wally-world has done this, others will surely follow.

    Only once in a moment of weakness did I attempt to get some good deals on black Friday. It was years ago, about 5:00 am, at a Kohl’s in Woodbury. I walked in, saw the long lines and utter mayhem, and promptly walked out again. Never will I make that mistake again.

  • BJ

    If I recall K-mart was open T-day over a few years in the 90’s.

  • Claire

    It’s not quite the same, but through college and just out of, I worked in a few different restaurants. At every one of them, there was a Thanksgiving night shift, usually starting at 4 or 5 that I worked many times (not by choice). A lot of people I waited on on those nights would say something along the lines of “It’s too bad you have to work on Thanksgiving”, which I always wanted to reply “I wouldn’t have to if you weren’t here”.

    I really wish these retailers would leave well enough alone and let their employees enjoy the whole of the Thanksgiving holiday, and worry about their profits on Black Friday and not before.

  • Jamie

    // “Don’t know who will stay farther away from any retailer that weekend, me or Jim Shapiro!”//


  • BJ

    K-mart is open on Thanksgiving for the 19th year. Sounds like Sears (owned by Kmart) will be open this year on Thanksgiving as well.

  • Jackie

    I think that there’s a lot of us who won’t be there on Thanksgiving or Black Friday.

    Macy’s in Minneapolis was playing Christmas music today when I walked through there. Really?

    So glad my nuclear and extended family decided years ago to do away with the presents for the holidays and just enjoy the time together.

  • Kevin M

    My wife & I both work across the street from Macy’s downtown. Every year we put in a twelve hour day on Thanksgiving and are back at 6 A.M. Friday for the breakfast shift. This has worked to our advantage in the past since we can leave fifteen minutes early to hit some deals at Macy’s on our way in on Friday, because the malls are where the crowds are. Downtown is Black Friday’s little secret – no one drives in from Rosedale Country, & no one works that day in any of the towers. DT is empty. This midnight thing kind of throws a wrench into everything, though. I had mixed feelings about it before, but now that I no longer get doorbuster deals in an empty store, I am getting more in touch with the part of me that knows deep down that this kind of absurd commercialization is going too far. I will be there both Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday, but not in a commercial way. I’ll be there catering to the very few who make their way downtown to avoid the crowds and take in the lights along the Mall. Then I plan to come home, count my blessings, and make holiday phone calls to my family. Season’s greetings to you and yours.

  • Erica

    Why is everyone only complaining about Walmart? Toys R Us is opening at 9! NINE! One hour EARLIER than Walmart. Yet, all of these articles only want to b****h about the fact that Walmart is opening at 10.

    They aren’t the only one’s “killing” Thanksgiving.

  • bob collins

    Probably something to do with being the largest retailer.