A Garth Brooks concert or a funeral?

Brandon Regan, 25, of Romeoville, Illinois, is dying.

His family and friends have been holding fundraisers recently to help fund his final wish — to see Garth Brooks in concert and possibly sing “Thunder Rolls” on stage with him.

They didn’t raise enough — it would have cost about $4,000 more — so now the family has to decide whether to keep trying or just use the money for funeral expenses, the Sun Times reports.

“We figured we should use our heads and make sure his final arrangements were paid,” said his father, Robert Regan of Romeoville. “But we haven’t broke the news to him yet. We don’t want to crush his hopes.”

  • Elaine Love

    I have to believe that Garth Brooks would be open to making this happen if contacted by the family. Also, Make-A-Wish could be a good resource.