Why do people love Duluth?

As political ads go, Duluth City Council candidate Emily Larson has hit on a great formula: No political talk, just person after person extolling the virtues of Duluth. In fact, you don’t even know you’re watching a political ad until the end.

(h/t: Perfect Duluth Day)

  • David

    I love Duluth. I was born there and raised there for a part of my life and I’ve seen it go through many many changes in that time, almost all of them positive. You can’t sasy that about very many places. Also, the obvious, it is one of the most esthetically pleasing places in the country.

  • bench

    I do find it quite odd that no one mentioned music and sports.

    A university with national champions in Football, men’s and women’s hockey, and nationally ranked in other sports like soccer and volleyball. Plus there’s a minor league baseball team.

    One of Duluth’s really big strong points is the music- especially things like Homegrown!

    Then again, maybe Emily Larson isn’t a big sports or music fan.

  • Eric

    Having grown up there – i only learned to appreciate it fully after i left.

    My favorite part about Duluth is that no matter where you are – you are within walking distance of one of the many creeks. They are the hidden gem of duluth.

  • Jim Shapiro

    Why do people love Duluth?

    To paraphrase democratic strategist James Carville’s advice to Bill Clinton: “It’s the lake, stupid.” ( It sure the hell ain’t the economy.)

  • Kathy

    I moved to Duluth from the Twin Cities in 1977 and have never been sorry . Yes, we have great music and sports teams but, really, Lake Superior is the REAL reason many of us just cannot leave this town!