The harvest haze

In the 40 and 50 mph winds today, a storm is brewing all over the state…


It’s the harvest in Minnesota…


This combine worked soybeans in Lake City.


This one handled corn north of St. Charles.


In almost every combine I stopped to watch, a young lad was riding with his dad.

The “harvest haze” will be around for weeks, yet.

I was in St. Charles today to talk to Ralph and Mena Kaehler, who’ll be my tour guides in a couple of weeks for a NewsCut day on the farms. The harvest will begin in a few weeks for some; it’s over for others.

We stopped at the Daley Farm in Lewiston, where they finished the harvest last evening.


Today’s chore was pulling tarps over the harvest and holding it down with recycled tires, no mean feat in a wicked wind.