The economy in headlines

As usual, figuring out the state of the economy and where it’s heading is a matter of interpretation. Here are three stories to help:

Survey suggests region’s economy continues to grow (AP)

Layoffs coming to Minn. factories, survey predicts (MPR)

Reports show Iowa, Midwest economies could face challenges (Des Moines Register)

By the way, those headlines are all describing the same survey.

  • AmosFiveAndDime

    News from Woodbury and environs – last Sunday, the restaurant in the Byerly’s on St. Paul’s East Side closed, presumably resulting in the layoff of all of the wait-staff. The Woodbury TGI Fridays restaurant and Borders bookstore also closed recently. The relatively new Woodbury Lakes shopping center is in bankruptcy. So are all Great Recessions local?

  • Bob Collins

    I heard another restaurant is opening in that TGI Friday’s spot (one of the worst dining experiences I’ve ever had, btw.)

    BTW, has anyone heard ANYTHING about that long-promised Lund’s project at the Penfield? The Vikes will win a super bowl before that long-promised store opens, apparently