Scenes from the gene pool


Some time in the last few days, someone thought it would be a swell idea to dump their old couch by the side of Hardman Avenue in South St. Paul. There’s little I find more dispiriting than these sorts of “events,” which occur far too frequently. What kind of person thinks so much of himself and so little of everyone else?

But here’s the accompanying dumped item I found interesting…


A fertilizer spreader suggests that perhaps the person who dumped this stuff has a certain pride in how the immediate area around his home appears — or did at one time.

  • Lisa

    We live in a rural area just over the border in Wisconsin. Recently, my father discovered that someone had dumped a huge pile of household garbage in the woods down a trail on his property. It took many trailer-loads to get it out. He ended up burying some of it and throwing his clothing away … the dog feces made it nearly impossible to clean up. That’s also why he didn’t dig through looking for names and addresses. Not even 1/4 mile back on the same road there’s a waste transfer station that is open for the public to drop off waste. Who ARE these people??

  • Jim Shapiro

    Clearly the behavior of lesser evolved denizens of the shallow, murky end of the pool.

  • Shannon

    //What kind of person thinks so much of himself and so little of everyone else?

    Bob I would argue the person thinks very little of him or herself hence the blatant disregard for the waste.

  • Shannon

    Not disregard for the waste- for their surroundings. Sorry about that. Hit post instead of preview.