Never leave home without your landmines


Maybe these things should’ve been in a Baggie. They’re land mines and the Transportation Security Administration says it found them in checked baggage this week in Salt Lake City. On its blog this afternoon, TSA says the land mines were “inert,” although all of the rest of the baggage had to be rechecked and four flights were delayed 19 minutes.

It didn’t answer the obvious question: Who travels with landmines?

Or the stun guns that were found in Charlotte this week?

Just because we find a prohibited item on an individual does not mean they had bad intentions, that’s for the law enforcement officer to decide. In many cases, people simply forgot they had these items in their bag. That’s why it’s important to check your bags before you leave.

Twenty-two loaded weapons were found in checked baggage this week, the TSA says. Loaded. How do you pack a gun in your suitcase and leave it loaded?