Harvest fun


Bob Larkin, of Redding California, comes to Minnesota twice a year — planting time and harvest time — to help his cousin, Ed Kaehler of Eyota, MN. “I get the best of both worlds,” he says, returning to California during Minnesota’s winter to enjoy retirement.

He’s unloading corn that his cousin just picked with the combine, but before it goes to market, it has to be dried. Each truck holds about 1,000 bushels of corn — worth close to $6,000 on the grain market this week.

The roads of rural Minnesota are full of grain trucks this week; the fields are being transformed by combines before the winter comes.

It’s a good time to be a farmer in Minnesota, so long as you’ve got a cousin to help, and don’t mind working weekends.

I’ll have a post about NewsCut’s visit to the farms next week.