For Wells Fargo, record profits not good enough

Wall Street is one tough taskmaster.

It is being characterized as “disappointed” in the earnings reported today by Wells Fargo bank and, as a result, the Dow industrials are dropping.

What did Wells Fargo do to warrant such scorn? It reported a $4.1 billion profit in the third quarter, a 21-percent increase over a year ago.

But while its profit increased, the amount of revenue the bank generates did not.

Still, more people are putting money in the bank than taking it out — deposits are up 8 percent, and the total amount of “bad” loans dropped.

How can Wells Fargo increase its revenue? The company has dropped all of its reward programs for credit cards and is “testing” a monthly fee in some markets, mostly in the south.

What’s good for banks and Wall Street isn’t always so hot for customers.