Another birth certificate controversy


Nobody denies that Fauja Singh is old. Really old. Too old for most people to run marathons.

But the Guinness Book of Records isn’t going to recognize his finish in the Toronto marathon a week ago because he can’t produce a birth certificate to prove he was born in 1911.

India didn’t keep birth records in 1911. Singh has a passport showing is birth date, and a letter from Queen Elizabeth congratulating him on his 100th birthday, but Guinness says that’s not good enough.

Singh finished the marathon in a little over eight hours.

  • Jim Shapiro

    I’ll bet that Mr. Singh is old enough and wise enough to not give a flying copulation about what some official record keepers think.

  • Jon

    My recollection is that the record for “oldest living person” is constantly disputed by people who are clearly old, and not able to produce birth certificates…

    Though records from 100 years ago were kept differently then they are now… who wants to bet my birth certificate will be difficult to access (have to go to the legacy computer system?) when I’m that old.

  • Heather

    He looks 100 to me! Can’t they just cut him some slack?

  • Bench

    Can’t they just cut off a limb and count the limbs like a tree? I’m kidding, but there has to be SOME way to prove it.